Remodeling Your Kitchen? These 4 Tips Will Give You the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

wood accent wall in kitchenThe kitchen is the gathering point for a home. From holiday meals to birthday parties, a home’s kitchen is the place that everyone comes together to have a good time. So, that means you should invest in how it looks, right?

Right! When done properly, a kitchen’s interior design can make or break the whole look of a home. However, many homeowners are apprehensive of changing up their kitchen design simply because remodeling costs are quite expensive. This doesn’t have to be the case — from installing a wood accent wall in kitchens to investing in the right countertops, a kitchen remodel can bring you a hefty ROI. Here we explain.

Change the color of your island
A kitchen island is usually the main focal point of the entire room. So make it pop and give it a makeover! You can do this simply by painting it a bright new color, adding a patterned wallpaper, or by covering it in wood planks. Focusing on this one thing will make your kitchen pop in no time.

Create an accent wall
We’ve all heard of accent walls in interior decorating, but have you ever thought of creating a wood plank accent wall for the kitchen? This choice of material is quite unique and putting a wood accent wall in kitchens is easier than having to worry about peeling paint year after year.

Put in hardwood floors
Data from the National Wood Flooring Association shows that 99% of realtors believe homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell than those without. So with this in mind, the investment you put into your floors will come back multiple times around if you decide to go this route and sell your home. Plus, even if you don’t have any plans to move in the foreseeable future, the floors of a room can brighten it up instantly.

Utilize different shades of white
The color white immediately creates an upscale feel, and using different shades of the color is the easiest way to make your kitchen look luxurious without changing any appliances or cabinetry. This goes for your accessories as well; adding tones of cream, beige, and opal is a great way to create a dramatic effect easily.

So when you next decide to decorate your kitchen, think of these four tips and you will get the biggest bang for your buck in no time at all!

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