Upgrade Your Living Space With These 5 Creative Accent Wall Ideas

wood accent wall living roomWith over 50,000 interior designers currently working in the United States, you are spoiled for decor and design choices. Whatever your personality may be, it can be expressed through interior design. Whether your prefer the ornate accents of French trim, the rustic appeal of shiplap, or the Nordic minimalist style, your living space should be a reflection of your unique spirit.

Of course, during the holiday season, few people have the budget for a total home renovation. Fortunately, wood accent walls are an excellent way to upgrade your home decor without hiring contractors and blowing a hole in your bank account. If you’re looking for ideas that will reinvigorate your living room and make your home stand out, accent walls might be just what you’re after.

Wood Accent Wall Living Room Decor
Have you ever seen an odd texture, unique paint job, or abnormal material on one wall in someone’s house? This is an accent wall. These popular features are used to decorate a room with an asymmetrical focal point, drawing your eyes to that side of the room. There are a variety of options for living room accent walls, and here are some examples of accent walls that might fit your style:

  1. Wood accent wall living room
    One of the best ways to make a social area more relaxed and cozy is with a wood accent wall living room decoration. Pick the wood planks and finish that best fits the color scheme of your living room and hang objects of interest on it to draw attention. Wood accent walls add a modern touch to any living room, and they are easy to install by yourself.
  2. Brick
    If you dig that industrial loft chic that evokes abandoned factories, you will love a brick accent wall. For open-air floor plans and tall ceilings, a brick accent wall brings it all together. Of course, these walls are not easily installed without the help of professionals.
  3. Maps
    If you’re a world traveler and you want an accent wall in your bedroom or living room, consider a massive painted map. With a map accent wall, the whole world will be at your feet.
  4. Murals
    Are you an artist? Do you have a favorite artist? If you are passionate about color, texture, and artistic expression, consider a mural as an accent wall. These murals can be painted on bare walls or painted over a wood accent wall. It will liven up your home and be a beautiful representation of your passion.
  5. Chalkboard
    If you have an office in your home and you need more room to write things down, consider chalkboard or whiteboard paint for an accent wall. This way you will be able to see everything you have to do today right in plain sight. These are also excellent options for kid’s bedrooms, as it gives them an appropriate place to draw on the walls.

No matter what your style may be, it is important to express yourself. If you want to learn more about accent wall design options, call Accent Woods today. We have a variety of accent wall kits that come with all of the wood panels and components you need to install your very own home accent wall.

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