Shiplap: Not Your Mama’s Wood Paneling

wood wall coveringAh, shiplap. If you’ve ever tuned in to one of HGTV’s most popular shows, you’ve probably seen this type of wood wall covering in many a renovation. The interior design industry generates around $10 billion in revenue each year, and this type of wood has been popping up a lot in pop culture as of late. Plank wood walls, like the ones that encompassed entire rooms in the 1970s, have come in and out of favor over the years. But shiplap is definitely having a moment, thanks to its clean yet rustic look and feel.

What exactly is shiplap?
Traditionally, shiplap has been used in exterior applications, like for home siding and and barns. These wood panels have what’s called a rabbet (a groove or cut) on their edges, which allows the boards to slightly overlap. Not only does this make the paneling more resistant to weather, but it also provides more visual interest. Today, shiplap can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and virtually any other living space, either as an accent wood wall to offset other decorative choices or as a feature that covers an entire room. Typically, it’s an inexpensive wood (like pine) that’s painted white, but it can also be kept more natural or stained a lighter hue. And instead of being installed vertically, like other wood paneling you might be familiar with, it’s installed horizontally.

Why has shiplap become so popular?
Aside from its prevalence on home improvement shows, there are a couple of other reasons why shiplap wood walls in kitchens, living rooms, and other spaces have become more desirable in recent years. For one thing, shiplap is actually quite affordable. It’s also pretty simple to install for contractors and even homeowners who want to DIY a single accent wall. It’s versatile, too. Although it’s most recognizable when it’s been painted white — a clean aesthetic that a lot of homeowners are drawn to — it can be kept more natural to be used in different ways. Ultimately, it’s not anything like the dreaded wood paneling from decades ago. It just goes to show how a little paint or stain and a difference in direction can make all the difference.

Can I install a shiplap wood wall covering in my home myself?
Absolutely! While you can definitely incorporate shiplap into a big home renovation, there are even easier ways to get that same feel on a smaller scale. Our plank accent wall products can be used to give any room a fresh look in a short amount of time. We can even customize wall products for you to provide the exact look you have in your mind’s eye. You can even install our accent wood on the ceiling for a totally different feel. And if you decide shiplap isn’t quite your thing, we’ve got tons of other wood wall covering options to choose from — all of them easy to install.

To find out more about our accent wood wall products (including shiplap!), get in touch with us today. We’d love to help you bring your ideas to life.

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