Wood Wall Woes: Mistakes To Avoid When DIYing Your Plank Accent Wall

wood plankIf you’re thinking about installing a wood plank accent wall in your home, you’re definitely in good company. In fact, forest product imports (like the wood used in flooring and on your walls) were valued at $14.71 billion in 2013. Using wood in your home can make any space more special and even more valuable, and it’s a DIY project that’s pretty easy to accomplish. But when you install an accent wood wall in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room, you’ll want to make sure it’s done right. With that in mind, you’ll want to avoid the following mistakes when you begin your wood accent wall DIY project.

MISTAKE: Mis-measuring
When preparing to install your wood plank wall, you’ll first need to determine how much wood you need. To do this properly, you should use the edges of your walls and follow the ceiling. However, you should not use the ceiling line by itself because it’s very possible your ceiling or walls are slightly crooked. Even if your measurements are off by a little bit, you’ll have to deal with more work later on.

If you’re cutting your wood planks yourself, there’ll be even more room for error. That’s why it’s a lot easier and more accurate to use wood wall products like ours, as they’ll ensure all the planks are even. This will make for a much less frustrating installation process.

MISTAKE: Lack of leveling
You’ll also need to make sure your planks are level. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a wacky looking wall. Don’t assume that your floor line is level; using it as your guide may end up giving your room an unintentional fun house effect. Some spaces will requite you to factor in a slight gap at the top or bottom to ensure everything stays level. Make sure you use a leveler and follow our instructions to ensure everything is level. After all, you won’t want to do everything over!

MISTAKE: Warped wood
Sourcing your wood yourself can result in warping, particularly if you use less durable kinds of wood, fail to follow instructions, or live in an extremely humid climate. You’ll want your wood accent wall to look smooth and professional, rather than lumpy and bumpy. Although some homeowners might resort to tile (manufactured to look like wood), there is another way that will allow you to go all natural without the warping. By using wood wall products like ours and following our DIY guide, you’ll be able to avoid this mishap.

MISTAKE: Poor color choice
Before you even purchase your wood plank products, you’ll need to decide what kind of look you’re after. Do you want a solid and streamlined appearance, or are you more into a multicolored mashup? With all the color choices we offer for our wood products, you won’t need to worry about painting them before installation. If you can’t quite decide on the look and feel you want your wall to have, you can explore our wall gallery to get arrangement inspiration. You’ll want to ensure that your choice complements the overall aesthetic of your home and the room in question. It should not compete with your current design choices yet should stand out in some way. Want to see how your choice looks in a room before making a commitment? Request some samples and give it some thought before making a final decision.

As far as DIY projects go, a wood accent wall is a relatively easy and effective one to tackle. And although these mistakes could derail a project, you’ll be able to avoid these blunders by using our planks and following ourĀ DIY installation guide. For more information, please contact us today.

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