What Does Your Accent Wall Say About You?

accent wall in bedroomWe’re very much living in the age of personalization; no one wants a cookie cutter life these days. And understandably, no one wants to live in a home that looks like all the others. One way homeowners set their properties apart is by creating an accent wall in bedrooms, kitchens, and shared family spaces. But how do you know which type of accent wall is right for you? And what does your accent wall of choice say about your personality and style? You’ll find out in today’s post.

Wallpapered Accent Wall
YOU ARE: a little quirky yet classic. You love a mix of old and new in your home. It may no longer be fashionable to have entire rooms covered in wallpaper, but using it for a singular accent in bedrooms and other spaces can be extremely effective. It’s a great way to use a vintage-inspired pattern or loud print without making everyone feel overwhelmed the second they walk through the door. If you choose this type of accent wall, you’ll want to make sure the rest of the room feels balanced and use other decorative elements thoughtfully to ensure they complement, rather than compete, with your wall.

Wood Plank Accent Wall
YOU ARE: a nature-lover who seeks peace and harmony. You want your space to be different without feeling outlandish. A wood accent wall is one of the most beautiful and versatile choices at your disposal. Not only do wood planks fit in to the key principle of interior design — the repetition of one or more elements within a space — but they’re also well-suited to virtually any room of the house and almost any aesthetic. From shabby chic to sleek and contemporary, your style doesn’t have to fit into any one category to make a wood wall look impeccable.

Brightly Colored Accent Wall
YOU ARE: creative, outgoing, and love to make a statement. You’d like your home to bring you overwhelming joy and be one that visitors remember. Want a pop of bold red in the kitchen or a sunny yellow accent wall in bedrooms around your house? Your daring personality may pay off, as long as you choose a pleasing hue. Color theory can really come into play here, so make sure you do your research before choosing a tone that could end up producing negative feelings upon arriving home. You’ll want a color that will make you feel invigorated or calm, rather than anxious. That said, it is just paint — so you can feel free to change your mind as much as you’d like.

Accent Wall With Decals
YOU ARE: young at heart with a love for nostalgia. You yearn for a space that fits your personality and make no apologies for what you like. You may have had wall decals on your dorm room walls, but there are plenty of grown-up versions that can make any space look more interesting without looking juvenile. Whether it’s a nature scene, an inspirational quote, or a pretty pattern, there are plenty of options out there that can add interest to your space. Best of all, they’re temporary. If you later decide to swap out this type of accent wall in bedrooms for your kids or other spaces, it’ll be no big deal.

Chalkboard Paint Accent Wall
YOU ARE: organized yet artistic; a true problem-solver. You want your space to be fully functional and make your life easier but don’t want to sacrifice how it looks in the process. Chalkboard paint has been popular for many years, thanks to a number of home improvement shows that have showcased the many ways in which it can be used. Whether you’d like to let your kids’ imaginations run wild or have a space that can simultaneously welcome guests and help you keep your shopping list straight, this is an excellent option.

When homeowners choose to put an accent wall in bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and other spaces, they’re able to put a one-of-a-kind stamp on their property. And as a bonus, they’re easy to install. Which type speaks to you? If wood is your wall of choice, we’re here to help you get started.

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