3 Affordable Accent Wall Ideas For Homeowners On a Budget

wall woodThose who own a home know that there’s always room for improvements. That’s part of the reason why there are over 50,000 interior designers currently working in the United States. But it can be tough for homeowners on a budget to feasibly afford the updates that can improve the look of their space. Fortunately, not every upgrade has to break the bank. For example, an accent wall can change the entire feel of a room without making your wallet cry out in pain. We’ve put together three simple and affordable accent wall ideas that are perfect for those who need to make every dollar count.

  1. Paint your accent wall: You’d be amazed at what a gallon or two of paint can do. Really, all you’ll need to buy is the paint, rollers, and some painters tape. Choosing the right color is key, though. You’ll want to zero in on a color that matches the existing feel of the room. You can go the bold and bright route or choose something a bit more neutral that will complement your decor. To keep it affordable, make sure you’re secure in your choice before painting the entire thing.
  2. Use wall wood to make a statement: A wood plank accent wall is incredibly versatile. Wall wood lends itself to traditional, rustic spaces as well as sleek and contemporary ones. Installing wood walls in kitchens, bedrooms, and main living spaces has become quite popular and is surprisingly easy to do. And because wall wood comes in all kinds of colors, the possibilities are endless. While it’s not quite as inexpensive as a gallon of paint, it’s a cost-effective choice that will improve your home without much work or monetary investment.
  3. Consider temporary wallpaper: While it’s no longer en vogue to cover an entire room in wallpaper, it’s trendy to utilize it for an accent wall. And if you have trouble committing to the concept (or perhaps you don’t want to deal with removing it if you eventually decide to sell your home), temporary wallpaper can be a good solution. It can work extremely well in an entryway, behind a bed, or in spaces that need a little extra something. From intricate patterns to nature scenes, you’ll likely be able to find an option that captivates you. And of course, it’s totally affordable and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

If you assumed that you wouldn’t be able to justify an accent wall in your home, these options might allow you to think differently. Just because an accent wall looks glamorous doesn’t mean it’s beyond your financial reach. To find out more about installing a wood accent wall in your home, get in touch with us today.

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