How long before it ships?

10 business days for stock product. Custom order lead times depend on specifications and will be provided at time of quote.

Can you ship anywhere?

Continental USA

What widths can I choose from?

6” is stock, but other widths are available in custom runs. Contact us today to receive a quote.

What lengths can I get?

48” is standard, but longer lengths are available for custom orders. Contact us today to receive a quote.

How do I cut the wood to fit my space?

Using a Chop/Miter saw is ideal, but could be cut with a hand saw.

How long will the color last?

The color will last years. Direct sunlight and ammonia/bleach based cleaners will shorten the lifespan of the finish. See our Maintenance details for further information.

Are your products fire rated?

Not standard, but it can be achieved with a custom quote.

Can I get T&G options?

Yes – Both the ship lap and car siding styles are “Tongue and Groove joinery”.

How do I know how much material to buy?

Use the calculator on the product pages. Simply enter your wall or ceiling length x width dimensions and the calculator will calculate the recommended amount of material to purchase.

Is it safe next to a fireplace?

Yes, mounted next to fireplaces is ok, but it is flammable so it is important that is not exposed to open or uncontained flame

Can the products handle moisture in a bathroom?

Installing Accent Woods accent walls and/or ceilings in bathrooms are ok. Avoid exposure to standing water and or Ammonia or Bleach based cleaners, as well as wet clothes/linens.

Can I put it outside?

No, not recommended and voids the warranty