Step 1

Remove all decor, nails, hangers, etc. from existing wall.

Step 2

Remove any existing trim if desired (base, casing, crown, etc.)

Step 3

Locate all studs with a stud finder at the bottom and top of the wall. Mark them with a pencil/marker.

Step 4

Using a straight edge, trace the stud from the floor to the ceiling. This will allow you to easily find the studs as you install the planks, and eliminate having to find each stud as you install each row.

Step 5

Starting at the bottom corner of the wall hold a piece of planking (tongue edge up) tight against the corner and slightly off the floor (if your floor and walls are true level, you could also hold the plank tight to the floor or further off the floor if you will be installing base trim over it). Using a level, level the plank and tack it in place.

Place two 18 gauge nails vertically per every stud. Nails should be in at least 1″ from the edges and ends of each plank to prevent them from cracking or blowing out.

Step 6

Continue to install the planks of the first row horizontally across the wall. Level each plank before nailing it in place and make sure the ends of each plank are flush and tight against each other.

For the best results cut planks so each end falls in the middle of a stud.

Accent Woods planks are conveniently shipped in 48″ (unless custom ordered in another length) which is divisible by 16″ – the typical distance between the center of studs.

For a more random look, alternate the length of the planks in each row by cutting them down to different sizes compared to the planks parallel in the previous row.

Step 7

Continue to install additional rows by sliding the groove portion over the tongue of the previous installed row. Continue to level planks as you install each row.

Step 8

Depending on wall height, the final row of planks may need to be ripped to a smaller height. Make sure you cut off the tongue portion of the last row, leaving the groove edge to ensure a consistent look and fit. Measure the distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the exposed tongue of the last row installed. This is the height the final row of planks will need to be ripped down to. Install the ripped planks in the same fashion as the previous rows by nailing them in with 18 gauge brad nails.

Step 9

Complete your wall by installing any desired Accent Woods trim.


Now enjoy the increased style, comfort, and added value of your home.

**Safety glasses, gloves, and hearing protection are recommended while using power tools.