Buy DIY Wood Accent Walls for Bedrooms

Even if you love your home, you might find that you’re bored by certain rooms within it. If you haven’t put your own personal stamp on your kitchen, master bedroom, or living room, you might feel like your house doesn’t have much of an identity yet. Alternatively, you may realize that a trendy decorating method from a few years ago just doesn’t suit your tastes anymore. No matter the circumstances, one thing’s for sure: you’re in need of a change.                                               

But if you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money taking your house from drab to fab, you might think your options for redecorating are limited. Think again. You can easily turn any lackluster space into one you never want to leave. When homeowners put a wood accent wall in bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and other living spaces, they discover how great their house can actually be.

Where Else Can You Use Wood Accent Walls?

Looking for inspiration? Keep reading to learn how accent walls can be used in any space. For visual inspiration, check out the Accent Woods gallery.

  • Bedrooms: You can use a wood accent wall in bedrooms of any size and style. From a child’s nursery to an expansive master suite, you’ll be able to find a color that suits the overall feel of the room to a T. When you want to make your bedroom your safe haven, using a wood accent wall in bedrooms is the way to go.
  • Kitchens: Instead of a conventional backsplash, why not consider wood planks? Alternatively, you can use a modern accent wall to add some contrast to your white subway tiles. And if you don’t have a separate dining area, a wood accent wall can define the eating space and give the entire room a whole new personality.
  • Bathrooms: You might think that wood and water don’t mix, but the truth is that wood plank walls and ceilings can make any bathroom look more modern and high-end. Use these planks to accent the vanity or put them behind the tub or toilet for a rustic yet luxurious feel. It’s a project that’ll work perfectly even for a small half-bath upgrade.
  • Living Rooms: You can make your main family living space a real destination by adding in some wood planks. Put them behind the sofa to add visual interest as soon as you walk in the door — this can even serve as a gallery space for all of your favorite art or family photos. This can also work well if you want to designate the grown-up sitting area from the kids’ play area.

No matter which room needs a facelift, an accent wall can make it an easy fix. To find out more about our wide variety of wood plank options, contact Accent Woods today.

How It Works: Our DIY Bedroom Accent Walls

At Accent Woods, we provide everything you need to install wood accent walls in bedrooms. Our affordable collections of wood planks come in a wide variety of tones, which makes it easy to find the right materials for your home design. From industrial urban lofts to cozy ranch houses, we want to make it easy to order and install a wood accent wall in bedrooms.

Simply browse our collection of wood planks to find materials that match your desired style or color palate. Each box contains 20 square feet of our wood products, and we even have an online calculator if you aren’t sure how much you will need. We can even help you place custom orders if you have a particularly ambitious DIY project in mind. Perfect for ceilings, accent walls, and backsplashes, our wood planks are the perfect finishing touch for any master bedroom.

Once the material arrive, some basic home improvement knowledge, tools, and our DIY accent wall tutorial are all you need.